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Custom Tuning

Diesel Performance Enhancement with Custom Tuning and Programming

Central Canada’s premier specialty diesel truck shop

diesel performance custom tuning

Get maximum performance from your newer turbo diesel

Are you looking to get more power or increase the fuel economy of your newer turbo diesel pickup? Maybe you’ve increased your tire size and simply want to correct the speedometer readout? Look no further. Walls Rod and Custom is your premier diesel tuning specialist near Winnipeg, not just to enhance diesel performance.

From the dragstrip to the highest peaks of the rocky mountains, our custom diesel tunes have been torture tested over hundreds of thousands of miles in unimaginable conditions.

Enhancing your diesel engine’s performance involves strategic measures:

  • Consider diesel tuners and electronic devices optimized for engine performance, easy to install, and cost-effective.

  • Diesel fuel additives, such as cleaners, enhance fuel injection system efficiency.

  • Explore DEF, DPF, and EGR Delete Kits for reduced emissions and improved performance.

  • Upgrade with performance air filters and cold air intakes to boost power without compromising fuel economy.

  • Consider an exhaust system upgrade for increased horsepower and efficiency. Turbochargers force more air into the combustion chamber, providing additional power and making them ideal for heavy loads.

  • Schedule regular tune-ups to detect and address performance issues, ensuring longevity and efficiency.

  • Upgrade fuel injectors for increased power output and improved fuel efficiency.

  • Explore cylinder liner alterations, such as boring, to enhance compression and power output.

  • Each modification contributes to maximizing your diesel engine’s potential, delivering power, efficiency, and longevity for reliable and optimized performance.

    More than just increased power

    Power increases of more than 150 horsepower with fuel savings of 2-5 liters thanks to our individualized tuning are not uncommon. But we don’t just add power and send you on your way. Every Walls tuning includes changes to key parameters that ensure your drivetrain works with the new power. Yes, the stuff the other guys are afraid to touch.

    With every Walls tune comes our unrivalled support. Someone who knows your truck and how you use it is available when you want to take it to the next level. Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf tuneup written by someone who thinks they know what you need. Inquire about a Walls custom tune for your truck today, and join the thousands of satisfied customers already running one!

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