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Truck Repair Shop and Diesel Performance in Winnipeg

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Optimizing Your Performance with Diesel Truck Tuning

Central Canada’s premier specialty diesel truck repair shop.

truck repair shop
truck repair shop
truck repair shop

Full range of diesel truck tuning, repairs, and maintenance

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Our Custom Diesel Truck Tuning

Walls Rod and Custom truck repair shop is proud to offer a state-of-the-art Chassis Dyno to central Canada: the MD-1750-Importdyne-DE! Combined with our custom diesel tuning experience, we can accurately tune your diesel car, no matter the combination of supercharged, turbocharged, nitrous systems, or cam and exhaust system upgrades. The Chassis Dyno unit makes our diagnoses so accurate that other shops can’t match our work.

We are also the leader in custom tuning diesel trucks for increased horsepower, fuel mileage, and reliability on Ford Power Stroke, GM Duramax, and Dodge Cummins. We stock a full line of diesel performance parts, from exhaust systems to lift kits. Our 12,000-square-foot truck repair shop offers full installation dyno testing as well as custom-made products in-house.

truck repair shop
truck repair shop
truck repair shop
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Your truck repair shop for top-quality, high-performance diesel parts at the most competitive prices

Walls Rod and Custom truck repair shop also offers all of the top-quality, high-performance parts at the most competitive prices in Canada. 

And all our services extend to the diesel performance world as well…  Call on us for your everyday diesel needs. We do in-house custom tuning and preventative maintenance. Keep on the road longer with a more efficient engine. Get started with a call or an email today.

Motorcycle racing road truck repair shop

Additional Diesel Truck Tuning Services

Stock and Modified Engines

Elevate your engine performance with Walls Rod and Custom. We offer modified engines that push beyond factory limits, featuring ported cylinder heads, forged rotating assemblies, and custom pistons. This comprehensive package maintains a stock appearance while providing increased displacement.

Pair your stroked diesel engine with our range of aftermarket options to craft the ultimate tow or race vehicle.

Transmissions and Drivelines

Enhance your transmission‘s longevity and performance with our expertise. We understand that stock transmissions have limitations, and we’ve conducted thorough research to identify potential failure points, sparing you from unpleasant surprises.

Our inventory includes torque converters, transmissions, transfer cases, custom driveshafts, and rear-end parts, providing maximum torque multiplication to efficiently transfer power to the ground. We even stock converters and ready-to-go transmissions, ensuring quick turnarounds within a few days. Experience unparalleled service that you won’t find anywhere else.

Exhaust System Services

Maintaining an optimal exhaust gas temperature is crucial. That’s why our custom tuning solutions often integrate seamlessly with a turbo-back exhaust system. Improving exhaust flow is a foundational step in diesel performance—an affordable enhancement that sets the stage for keeping your truck consistently delivering the performance you anticipate.

Suspension and Lift Kits

From leveling kits and ladder bars to airbag systems and full-scale fabrication projects, we possess the tools and expertise to construct your dream truck from the ground up. We ensure it’s built right the first time.

Fuel System Services

Modern trucks rely on stock fuel systems that must draw fuel through up to 20 feet of line, often requiring additional support. This is where an aftermarket pump becomes essential, delivering high volume to the front of the engine. Beyond increased fuel flow, the advanced filtration of an aftermarket system ensures prolonged injector life and maintains stable injection pressures, ultimately enhancing fuel economy.


Customize your truck to reflect your style. Explore our extensive range, including fender flares, side steps, tonneau covers, brush guards, bumpers, grille inserts, wheels, tires, diff covers, trans pans, gauges, and more—all the latest market trends.

We feature leading brands and hidden gems for a diverse selection. Share your preferences, and we’ll ensure you get the parts that elevate your truck, setting it apart from the rest.

What you need to know about diesel truck tuning?
  1. Can you tune a diesel truck?

Absolutely, diesel engines can undergo tuning. Diesel tuning involves adjusting the engine to enhance power and efficiency. By fine-tuning fuel delivery and timing, the engine operates more efficiently, boosting power and potentially improving fuel economy.

  1. How does diesel tuning work?

Diesel tuning, referred to as diesel remapping or chip tuning, involves altering the engine control unit (ECU) software. This process enhances power, torque, and fuel efficiency, making it a favored choice among diesel vehicle owners seeking improved performance.

  1. Is it safe to tune a diesel engine?

Opting for diesel chip tuning is an excellent choice if you seek more power from your diesel engine. While it’s generally safe, there are a few considerations to bear in mind before proceeding with the tuning process. Call our professionals to get more detailed information.

  1. Is a diesel tune worth it?

Through optimizing the engine’s performance, diesel tuning contributes to minimizing wear on vital components such as the turbocharger and fuel injection system. This translates to an extended engine lifespan, reducing long-term maintenance and repair costs.

  1. How much should a diesel tune cost?

Tune costs vary based on the setup and the type of system in use (piggyback, chip, stand-alone, supercharged, naturally aspirated, street or race-only, etc.). Depending on these factors, tuning expenses can range from $250 to $1500.

  1. Will a diesel tune improve fuel economy?

Through precise tuning of the ECM to optimize the air and diesel fuel mixture, you can significantly enhance your truck’s fuel efficiency. Analogous to a chef perfecting a recipe for the ideal flavor balance in a gourmet dish, this process results in a more efficient and powerful engine.