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Dyno Tuning Services

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Superior diagnostics with IMPORTDyne™

Walls Rod and Custom proudly introduces the MD-1750-Importdyne-DE, the most state-of-the-art chassis dynomometer in central Canada for precision dyno tuning!

The IMPORTDyne™ is a streamlined, ultra-low-inertia chassis dyno designed not only for your average muscle car but also specifically for applications in the Import Market. The IMPORTDyne™’s capability lies in its accurate simulation of road load on vehicle-driver combinations, even for those weighing as little as 2,000-lbs. This is achieved through its modest inertia properties and Mustang’s patented Virtual Inertia™ Technology.

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The IMPORTDyne™ advantage in Dyno Tuning Services

The IMPORTDyne™ is capable of measuring up to 1,475-hp in power sweep mode. For tuning purposes, a dual eddy current system power absorber (PAU) is used. It’s a frictionless, air-cooled device controlled entirely by electric current. A torque arm extending perpendicular to the PAU and attached to a load cell provides for precise, real-time torque data feedback. Steady state testing allows for real-time RPM specific tuning – truly a benefit for all vehicles that need to dial in idle, part throttle, and WOT settings. 

The most exciting aspect of the MD Dyno is the ability to complete full 1/4 mile and 0 – 60 runs, both from a standstill, within 1/10th of a second accuracy. We’ve even got Pro-Tree staging lights! What this means is that you can find out how your vehicle will perform in the real world without having to take it to the track! 

With the use of Dual wideband O2 sensors, we can measure both engine banks. We can weld bungs into each collector or into each individual header tube, to measure exact exhaust temperatures on each cylinder. Also a clip-in tailpipe wideband for those who don’t want to have their exhaust cut and a bung welded in (although its not quite as accurate).

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How much horsepower will a dyno tune add?

Typically, a single tune can add around 10% to 15% horsepower on average. However, in some instances, performance upgrades may boost horsepower by up to 50%, depending on your truck’s existing performance components.

Is dyno tuning risky?

In summary, dyno tuning is not detrimental to your vehicle. This process can enhance both performance and efficiency by refining the air/fuel ratio and ignition timing through a dyno remap.

Is dyno tuning worth it?

Certainly, achieving greater power and fuel efficiency is achievable. Furthermore, dyno tuning serves as a valuable diagnostic tool, aiding in the identification of underlying issues within the engine bay.

How much does a dyno tune cost?

The cost of a dyno tune typically falls between $300 and $1,000, but exact prices vary depending on factors like the vehicle’s make and model.

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dyno tuning