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Truck Exhaust System Repair in Winnipeg

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Walls Rod Custom is your premier Canadian diesel tuning specialist

truck exhaust system

Better performance with an improved truck exhaust system

Keeping your exhaust gas temperature in check is important. That’s why we frequently combine our custom tuning solutions with a turbo back exhaust system. A better flowing exhaust is one of the first steps in diesel performance and an inexpensive upgrade we can build on to keep your truck performing the way you expect.

We sell and install names like MBRP, Magnaflow, RBP, Flo Pro and BD Diesel. We can even custom build your exhaust to sound and look like you want it to.

We do complete turbo back installs, cat back systems, high flow manifolds, downpipes and up pipes. With options like stainless steel, powder coating and aluminized steel, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re after a big single, duals, stacks or side pipes, or something completely custom, we’ll make it a reality. Inquire today or stop in to see and hear what we can do for you!